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What We Do

In short, we provide health & education nonprofit capacity building in South Africa (RSA) and the United States of America (USA).

We raise funds, do fundraising events, development and more (See: FIND OUT MORE) in the US to help sustain our 7 (more than 30 years old) mental health nonprofit facilities, group homes, clinics and frail-care center for more than 300 no income long-term psychiatric residents, patients and severe and profoundly physically and intellectually (dual) disabled children in South Africa.

We have more than 300 residents and patients in our full time care, with more than 120 fulltime staff members.

Due to insufficient government funding covering no more than one third of our operational costs, state capture, government corruption and a junk status economy, our Founder and CEO of these facilities, Roy Harris, is now reaching out to the United States to establish a US Development Office and initiate affiliations and associations in the US to help us sustain these projects which many people helped to establish and partnered with over the last 30+ years.

All our current beneficiary nonprofits were founded by Roy and Matilda Harris more than 30 years ago. Click on OUR WORK to see a list of our current beneficiary nonprofits.

About Us

Our nonprofits were founded from 1991 onward with the dawn of de-institutionalization of long term psychiatric patients in the Western Cape Province, South Africa.

These patients were soon to be discharged with nowhere to go, which culminated in our first group home in 1991 with little-to-no government support or financial contributions from the state.

In 2013, our Founder and CEO Mr. Roy Harris met with the Head of Health Western Cape South Africa (HOH-WP), to discuss additional and proper funding for their facilities. The HOH concluded that "if you cannot make it, (on about $ 6.00 per day per patient) close the facilities and put the mentally ill patients back on the street." This was a severe blow to both our Founder and CEO and our entire organization.

In 2015, a mental health scandal by the state involved the brutal and inhumane deaths of 143 patients at psychiatric facilities in South Africa. These deaths were from causes including starvation and neglect in a poorly planned move by the Department of Health to further their own agenda. Patients were removed and funding withdrawn from a well-established nonprofit similar to ours but in a different province by the Department of Health. The Department of Health claimed that they were not funding patients to live in a place "similar to a hotel." Patients were forcefully and without proper consultation removed from the nonprofit and literally dumped with no medical records nor medication by government officials at shacks without even a database of where patients were dropped off. Shack owners were promised an undisclosed and not negotiated nor agreed upon amount of money, and left to die. Some are missing, unaccounted for to this day.

The incident has been called
"the greatest cause of human rights violation"
in democratic South Africa by Judge Dikgang Monseneti.

These events, together with gross and rampant government corruption, lack of funding yet increased onerous demands made by government, led Harris to reach out to the USA, set up an office, and start a development nonprofit called USA4RSA Foundation Inc., to avert another "Esidimeni Scandal" and to ensure long-term continuity for these facilities.

A costing study spearheaded by the Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Health, Western Cape and Roy Harris, concluded in 2013 that the Actual Cost Per Patient (ACPP), was 300% more than received by the nonprofit. 5 years later, very little has changed.

We receive very little from our government:

The South African Health Department, Western Cape contributes less than $ 10.00 per patient per day. With $ 10.00 PPPD for 300 beneficiaries, most in the no-income group with no or very little family support, a staff compliment of more than 120, and training 40 students each year, we provide:

  • 24 hour holistic care at 7 facilities. Almost all beneficiaries have no source of income apart from their $125.00 per month ($4.00 per day) disability grant;
  • medical care with medical staff;
  • a clinic with satellite clinics;
  • a frail care center for mentally ill and severe and profoundly physical and intellectual disabled patients.
  • a facility for severe and profoundly dual disabled children;
  • acquisition of buildings and all capital expenses like vehicles, medical equipment, furniture, beds, linen, clothes and much more;
  • maintenance of buildings, vehicles, medical equipment, catering equipment and more;
  • payment of mortgages, rent, utilities, catering and more;
  • payment of salaries of 120 full-time employed staff members
  • funding for our own caregiver training school: 30 to 40 students from previously disadvantaged communities are trained as mental health caregivers at, Community Mental Health Academy (CMHA), in Cape Town at no cost to students. For the last 20+ years, promising students from poor communities are identified to do our 1 or 2 years training course. Many of these students successfully find work as caregivers at private hospitals after their training based on our course as a form of a "breaching course." Some are accepted at Nursing colleges to further their careers and others apply for full time positions at our facilities.

Our non-profits, Community Mental Health & Psychiatry Foundation (CMHP) and USA4RSA (KMT), are duly registered and have been in good standing with state and legal entities for over 30 years, with Founder Roy Harris and wife Matilda still very active and involved in the day-to-day running of their facilities. Roy and Matilda and their 120 staff members live their calling and passion fully, working tirelessly to ensure that they turn sad faces to happy faces for those suffering with long-term psychiatric illnesses, especially those who find it impossible to be integrated into the community.

Regardless of daily, monthly and yearly stressful budget constraints, we at CMHP, KMT and USA4RSA pride ourselves in excellent stewardship, good financial management and innovative ideas to ensure our beneficiaries live life, with a smile, as often as possible.

More About USA4RSA

We also do advocacy, development and prospect research and strategic planning to establish affiliations and associations between South Africa as a developing country and the USA as a developed country.

We seek to create interpersonal ties as a way to acquire knowledge from the developed to the developing world and as a possible alternative to more formal knowledge transfer mechanisms and joint ventures. The 'enabler', of course, is new technology, science and methodology.

Over the last thirty years we have provided quality care to our more than three hundred residents and patients in our full time care. We have seven facilities, a frail care, a clinic and satellite clinics in the Western Cape of South Africa.

One of our facilities accommodates severe and profoundly physically and mentally disabled children. Almost all our residents and patients have no income, little to no family support and no form or way of sustaining themselves.

We have a staff compliment of more than one hundred and twenty employees. We have also trained thirty to forty mental health caregivers each year over the last 15 years at our in-house mental health academy Community Mental Health Academy (CMHA) FREE of charge, including all training, accommodation, meals and a small stipend per month. All our students are from previously disadvantaged communities.

Read more about The Greatest Mental Health Scandal in The History of South Africa in our ABOUT section, to understand the severity and plight of our residents and patients.

Board of Reference

USA4RSA About Us Image
USA4RSA Roy Harris Image USA4RSA Roy Harris Image

Roy Harris
KMT Founder, Trustee, CEO

USA4RSA Matilda Harris Image USA4RSA Matilda Harris Image

Matilda Harris
KMT Director, Nursing & Mental Health

USA4RSA Izak Smith Image USA4RSA Izak Smith Image

Izak Smith (CA)
KMT RSA Trustee

USA4RSA Anel Pienaar Image USA4RSA Anel Pienaar Image

Anél Pienaar
KMT Director, Social Work & Mental Health

USA4RSA Anita Prinsloo image USA4RSA Anita Prinsloo image

Anita Prinsloo
KMT Director, Finance

USA4RSA Sanet Louw image USA4RSA Sanet Louw image

Sanet Louw
KMT Director, Occupational Therapy Training and Mental Health

USA4RSA Elbe du Toit image USA4RSA Elbe du Toit image

Elbé du Toit
KMT Director, Human Resources

USA4RSA Roy-Michael Harris image USA4RSA Roy-Michael Harris image

Roy-Michael Harris (CPA)

USA4RSA Chris Harris image USA4RSA Chris Harris image

Chris Harris
Master of Accountancy

USA4RSA Jana Harris image USA4RSA Jana Harris image

Jana Harris
KMT Mentee and Student

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